Provoking Fear of Muslims in Computer Games

“Computer-game producers and companies design, make and promote different games in such a framework which at last fulfill the malignant goals of the U.S and Zionism,” Haqverdi underscored.

He went on,” not only is suggesting fear from Muslims accidental in these games, but also such a suggestion derived from fundamental policy of the U.S and Zionism.”

“Computer games are really profitable and considering the time and energy youths spend on them, they are superior to the Cinema,” the University professor underlined.

“The computer games, obviously enough, are not comparable to the Cinema, considering the graphic and challenging for solving the problems; so they are literally effective than Cinema,” he underlined.
“In such a condition do the western countries try to manipulate people, Islamic scholar can play an important role,” Haqverdi expressed.

“We can utilize computer games to eschew from any extremism in this realm and fulfill our Islamic goals,” the university professor mentioned.

“Through knowing exactly different dimension of this phenomenon, informing others, and designing computer games based on some sound Islamic-Iranian culture, we can make progress in this realm,” he underscored.

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