Media Warfare Of Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Media Warfare Of  Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Haghverdi Taghanaki , Mahdi



As the most influential psyop instrument , media work is known as media warfare. Today, victory in a battlefield has more ti do with directing the public opinion at national and internation levels than defeating the enemy.

At present, psychological operation and media warfare are systematically and consistently conducted, particulary against the world of Islam, by the western governments. Understanding the significance and potentials of media, Lebanon ’s Hezbollah Successfully fought against the media warfare of the occupiers of Qods, and at times even seized the initiative and inflicted irredeemable losses on them. This outstanding feature distinguishes Hezbollah from other similar groups. This article examines Hezbollah’s media warfare, especially their use of modern media such as satellite channels, the internet, and computer and video games, against the Zionists.

Key Words: media warfare,  Lebanon ’s Hezbollah, the internet and  video game. A tv channel, a short message



A Special Journal on psychological Operations and soft threats Confrontation

Vol.1 No.4, Autumn 2008

Published by: Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support

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